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In one month (30 days) you will learn how to do technically right PMU brows and lips. Also, you will learn how to take a stunning photos and videos and you will learn how to sell it through the Instagram

Ana Acosta
is a PMU artist and 4 years ago has completed basic training course and started own business Eyebrows4uTx in Houston from the very beginning without knowing English .
Over the past 2 years trained students from New York, Louisiana , Chicago, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas
Start date : 05.09.2022
What is this course about?
In 30 days you will learn how to do technically right PMU BROWS and LIPS You will do mapping of brows and lips in 10 minutes, one session will take 2 hours instead of 3-4 hours.

You will learn taking nice pictures and videos, so clients will start booking an appointments with you through the Instagram
You will be fully booked and start earning money


1. how to open a company yourself
2. How to get the license
This course is for you if you are:
1. Forgotten how to do PMU from start to finish

2. Have issues with the mapping/sketching

3. The color after healing is too light

4. Not sure what pigments to use while performing PMU

5. Think that it is too late for me act since all customers are taken away

6. Still don't know where to find my first customers
What you should expect:
Course program :
12 lessons, 4 zoom conferences, Access to the course 2 months
Master class
my favorite mixes
My favorite Strokes to do a brows procedure in 1 hour
Equipment :
Machines, needles, how to choose the right speed of machine
Mapping in 10 mins
• asymmetrical brows
• bald eyebrows
• Wide set brows
Module 1- Brows
1. 3 main rules of interesting stories

2. 3 main rules of how to take a nice photos of brows

3. Macro photos for lips

4. Editing photo, facial skin smoothing of client

5. 3 steps of selling your services through Instagram
Module 3 - Instagram
Module 2 - Lips
Mapping lips in 10 mins
Special Outline strokes
Special strokes for lips shading
With 1 needle, 5 magnum needles

Favorite colors, coloring
Master class: Perfect Lips Blushing
Module 4 - Bonus
1. a clear scheme of how to raise the price of your services

2. Start a business :
- link to open LLC.
- link to get a license

Course schedule:
After this online training you will receive:
•More confidence working with needle on the skin
•Results of your work will be impeccable
•Customers will happily schedule new appointments with you
•Start earning good money doing PMU
•Get less tired and get more joy out of it
•Make PMU your main career, leaving an old one behind
•Start doing perfect sketches of eyebrows in 10-15 min
•Make one procedure in 1.5 - 2 hours instead 3-4 .
•Get rich color after the first layer of applying ink
•Stop loosing your sketch on eyebrows
•Customers will be satisfied with the initial color. There won't be a need of free touch up
•You will only require 5 -6 pigments to be able to do brows for White, Asian , Latino , African American customers
•Quality of your life will improve greatly with new income by PMU business
My offline students:
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Kolya
Photo by Oliver
Photo by Leo
Photo by Paul
Photo by Lea
Photo by Alex
Students review:
Students work:
My work:
Online training Prices:

Sale price $1.999
From May 2- May 8
Sale price $1.555
From May 2
Sale Price 4.999
Zoom meeting 1st + 2nd
Modul 3 - Instagram
Module 1 - Brows
Module 1 - Brows
Modul 2 - Lips
Modul 3 - Instagram
Zoom meeting 1st + 2nd +3rd +4th
Module 4- Bonus
Private zoom meeting 1st + 2nd +3rd
All information how to be a trainer
Workbook for the training
Methodology how to create your own basic training classes

Module 1 - Brows
Modul 2 - Lips
Modul 3 - Instagram
Zoom meeting 1st + 2nd +3rd +4th
Module 4- Bonus

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